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Requirements of zucchini seeds for environmental conditions

The following describes the requirements of zucchini seeds for environmental conditions:

1, temperature.

Zucchini seeds have good adaptability to temperature, suitable growth temperature of 22~25℃, suitable germination temperature of 28~30℃, the requirement temperature should be higher than 16 ℃, higher than 30 ℃ or less than 15 ℃ the development of zucchini seeds is not good, the suitable temperature of fruit development is 20~23℃, Zucchini seeds have strong ability to withstand low temperature. The fertilized fruit can grow into melon at night temperature 8~10℃ and at night temperature 16~20℃.

2, light. Zucchini seeds have strict illumination requirements, but good adaptability, not only happy light, but also resistant to weak light, abundant light, rich flower bud differentiation, fruit development is good. It takes a strong light to enter the period of robustness. Female bees after pollination of weak light, easy to cause melon.

3, moisture. The seeds of zucchini have developed roots, strong water absorption and drought resistance, but their leaves are large and numerous, the transpiration effect is strong, the water consumption is large, needs the timely irrigation, in order to increase the yield. However, too much moisture can cause stem disorders, in seedling stage, too much water will cause excessive nutrition, delay the results, the flowering of too much water will also lead to excessive nutrition of melon. The whole melon period of high water consumption, if the lack of water, will be melon or the formation of sharp mouth melon.

4, soil and fertilizer. Zucchini seeds are not strict with soil requirements, but in order to obtain relatively high yield, it is still necessary to choose loose permeable loam with high fertility and strong water saving ability.

The seeds of zucchini have a strong ability to absorb fertilizers. Each 1000kg fruit consumes approximately 3.92~5.47kg nitrogen, 2.13~2.22kg P2O5, 4.09~7.29kg K2O and 0.6kg MgO. In addition to potassium requirements, nitrogen, phosphorus, CA content are higher than cucumber.