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Light has an effect on the seeds of zucchini

In the photosynthesis of zucchini seeds, there is a certain requirement for the intensity of illumination. We also need to have an understanding of its impact, so what are the specific requirements for lighting? Next, take a look at this knowledge!
Under normal conditions, illumination needs to reach the intensity above the light compensation point, and the photosynthesis of zucchini seeds is effective, that is to say, this is the lowest value required by illumination. If the light is low, photosynthesis will not be able to produce organic matter properly to supply its needs. The light saturation point is to enable photosynthesis to achieve the highest light intensity, lower than this light intensity, then photosynthesis will be relatively reduced, light to the light compensation points, photosynthesis is equal to stop.
Zucchini seed production If in the spring, summer, autumn three seasons, The Sun's light is strong, in addition to rainy and outer, generally do not produce the problem of insufficient light. such as summer in sunny weather, outdoor light intensity of up to 100,000 lux above, far more than the light saturation point. However, under the condition of winter shed room, the problem of insufficient illumination often occurs. This is mainly due to the position of the Sun South, south of the equator, the incident angle of sunlight weakened by the weakening of the small light. Deep winter outdoor sunlight intensity in 340,000 lux, and the structure of the shed to further reduce the light, the canopy in the light intensity of more than 30,000 lux, which obviously does not reach some light saturation point. And if the light in the shed has been low, far from the saturation point, it will obviously affect the improvement of the yield quality of the shed vegetables.
Therefore, how to maintain the high level of light intensity is the key to the production of zucchini seeds in winter shed, and reasonable illumination is the key to high yield.