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Spinach Seed Planting Time

Spinach is a common year of raw vegetables in our lives. It is rich in iron and carotene, so many people like to eat it. At present, spinach seeds have been planted in most parts of our country. When do spinach seeds grow well?

Spinach Seed Planting Time:

1. Planting time of autumn spinach seeds. Autumn spinach is usually sown in August-September, 30-50 days after sowing can be harvested in batches. Varieties should choose more heat-resistant, fast growth of precocious varieties, such as plow Pineapple, Hua Pineapple No. 1th, Guangdong Round leaves, spring and autumn large leaves and so on.

2. Planting time of wintering spinach seeds. Wintering spinach is usually in the middle of 10-November early sowing, before and after the Spring Festival batch harvest, it is advisable to choose medium and late ripening varieties with strong winter, bolting and cold resistance, such as round Ye Shi, Shang Ye Shi, Hua Pineapple 1th, Liaoning Circle Ye Shi and so on.

3. Planting time of spring spinach seeds. Spring after the temperature recovery to more than Celsius can start sowing, March for sowing suitable period, 30-50 days after sowing harvest, varieties should choose bolting late, leaf blade hypertrophy of Shang Ye Shi, spring and autumn large leaves, Shenyang round leaves, Liaoning round leaves and so on.

4. Planting time of summer spinach seeds. Summer spinach is often in 5-7 months in stages of sowing, June late June-September mid-harvest, it is advisable to choose strong heat resistance, rapid growth, not easy to bolting Shenghuapo 1th, spring and autumn large leaves, Guangdong round leaves and so on.