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Technique of seed seedling of melon

Melon Seedling is a certain amount of protection facilities under the conditions of early sowing, the cultivation of a certain size of seedlings, when the external conditions are appropriate, transplanting to large fields. The use of seedling method to cultivate electrothermal hotbed nutritional bowl seedling or acupoint plate seedling can achieve early listing, improve the rate of sitting melon, control the occurrence of pests and diseases, the purpose of income.

1. Seedling Matrix and nutrient soil

① Seedling Nutritional soil

Selection of high-quality paddy soil or more than 5 years of vegetable garden soil not planted, with a full sunburnt and sieve after the 5 parts of the garden soil, plus 3 parts of rotten high-quality organic fertilizer (chicken, duck, pig dung as the best), plus 2 parts of straw shell ash, add the right amount

② seedling Matrix

Commonly used seedling matrix has peat, perlite, vermiculite, mushroom slag and so on, the formula is: Peat: Pearl rock (particle size 3mm) ratio of 7:3 or mushroom slag: peat ratio of 3:1, each cubic metre matrix added 15:15:15 nitrogen, phosphorus, Potassium ternary compound fertilizer 2.0kg and 2.0kg puffed chicken dung, mixed mix evenly, with formalin 100 times times liquid smoked stuffy 2 days disinfection. 2-3 days before sowing, the nutrient soil or seedling matrix is loaded into a diameter 10cm plastic nutritional bowl or 50 holes disk neatly discharged into the electrothermal hotbed.

2. seedbed Preparation

Acupoint Plate seedling seedbed to choose higher terrain, shelter from the wind, smooth drainage of the field block. Build a nursery shed 15-20 days before sowing to raise the temperature of the shed. Do a good job of seedling beds, bed width according to the specifications of the seedling shed in the center of the nursery to keep the bedding base (slightly higher than the ground), the general furrow wide 1.8-2.0m, the furrow surface leveling after the spread of a layer of film. Using electric heating hotbed seedling. Wiring on both sides of the seedbed should be slightly more dense, two lines of 5-7cm, slightly thinner in the middle, two lines of spacing of 8-10cm. Lines and lines cannot overlap, cross, and ligation to prevent short-circuit burning lines after electrification.

3. Soaking Sprout

Seed treatment mainly has shangwen soaking, medicament treatment and other methods, the purpose is to promote seed water absorption and seed disinfection and prevention. Immerse the seeds in hot water of 55-60 ℃ for 10-15 minutes, stir continuously, soak for 1-2 hours when cooled to 30 ℃; disinfect with 0.2%-0.3% potassium permanganate solution for 20 minutes, or use 10% sodium phosphate solution to soak for 15 minutes; After the medicament treatment, pay attention to wash clean with water, To remove the drain, wrapped in a wet towel placed in 25-30 ℃ of the thermostat in the sprout, generally after 20-24 hours of seed whitened germination can be sown.

4. Sowing

The germinated seeds are sown in a nutritional bowl or acupoint plate that watered the bottom water 2 days in advance, with 1 capsules per acupoint, covered with 1cm thick lid soil or soilless matrix, and covered with film insulation and moisturizing, then covering the shed. At night to the shed to cover the grass curtains and other insulation, lest the night temperature too low.

5. Temperature management

From the seed sowing to the unearthed before the request bed temperature is higher, generally about 30 ℃, in order to promote seedling. Low temperature will prolong the seedling time, seedlings thin yellowing, reduce resistance. 30%-40% seed seedlings in time to uncover the film. After the seedling to reduce the temperature, the control of the length of the day should be 22-25 ℃, 18-22 ℃ at night, so as not to produce high-footed seedlings. The seedlings were gradually cooled to about 20 ℃ 7-10 days before planting.

6. Humidity Management

Pour the bottom water when sowing, until it is generally not watered before seedling. Sub-Ye Zhanping stage, control the ground to see dry and wet, mainly moisture conservation, can be sprinkled on the seedbed layer of fine sand, in order to reduce the evaporation of soil moisture, and can prevent the occurrence of sudden inversion and blight, air relative humidity is maintained at about 80%. After the true leaves grow out, if the ground to see dry, can be used spray pot spray water, spray water in the morning on a sunny day.

7. Lighting Management

Use the new membrane as much as possible to maintain the cleanliness of the membrane and increase the transmittance. This stage rainy days, cloudy day also to uncover the curtain, so that seedlings as much as possible to accept scattered light, once the weather clear, to avoid the immediate large release, to have a suitable stage, if the premature release, because the bed soil temperature is not enough, the root absorption capacity is poor, evaporation increase, easy to occur wilting phenomenon.

8. Prevention and treatment of diseases and insects

The disease in seedling stage of melon mainly has sudden inversion disease, blight and so on, can use the enemy Kesson, the seedling fungus enemy, the generation Sen zinc and so on pesticide control. The main pests in the seedling stage of melon are mole cricket, aphids, etc., which should be used in time to prevent and control.