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Planting of tomato seeds

The fruit of our tomato seeds has a good taste and is therefore popular on the market.

1. Tomato seeds during the winter and early spring sputum seedlings and bud differentiation, the temperature should not be lower than 12 °C.

2. When cultivating tomato seeds, especially in the summer and autumn sowing, cultivate pure seedlings without root-knot nematode and wireless insect contamination. When using chemical hormones such as flowers and fruits, the concentration of silk flowers should be adjusted appropriately. It is recommended to choose the lower limit of the concentration of the dip flower, that is, the high concentration of dip flower Plants are growing vigorously. Before the spiked walnuts are large, properly control the water and control the fertilizer. The other measures are the same as the common varieties.

Tomato seeds are widely distributed in southern cities. At the same time, don't forget the potassium-rich fertilizer when planting, so that the tomato seeds grow and taste better.

In addition, when the tomato seeds are planted, if they are not paid attention, it is easy to increase the planting density. Once the density is increased, the seed yield will be greatly affected, which is very unfavorable for its survival and quality, so we are When planting, you must control the density of tomato seeds so that you can better grasp its output.