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Planting process of cauliflower seeds

        Cauliflower seedsSuitable for growth in cold climates. Rugao can only be grown in autumn and winter. Cauliflower seeds are generally used for processing and export, the requirements of compact bulbs, dark green color, small and medium, low and late ripening, high yield, long harvest period, easy to arrange production in the factory. According to this requirement, in recent years, the main breeding of future excellent precocious, heat-resistant varieties, transplanting harvest period of 65-175 days, the sowing period is from late July to early August, the plant is from late August to early September, the harvest period is late October to November.

1. Field selection. The fields with better drainage and irrigation conditions and the precocious non-cruciferous crops (Chinese cabbage, cabbage, broccoli, radish) were selected as transplanting seedling places.

2. Seedling. Because cauliflower seeds are sown in summer or early autumn, adverse factors such as high temperature, rainy and many pests need to be overcome. Therefore, cauliflower seed seedlings are carried out in greenhouses with good ventilation, drainage, shade and rainstorm prevention facilities. After sowing, timely use of plastic film covering the seedbed moisturizing, in the film covered with shading net cooling, in the greenhouse covering the roof film, in the top film covered with shading net, greenhouse temperature control in about 25 degrees Celsius. Two days after sowing, check the seedling situation. When about 70% of the seedlings are seedling, the film and shade mesh on the seedbed are removed in the evening. The management of the seedbed should not be watered before breaking, in case the lower embryo axis is too high to form a tall seedling. The seedling stage must not be higher than 25-30 days. The main diseases in seedling stage are sudden inversion and blight. After the treatment of arch soil seedlings using 7,500% bacteria clear or more than 50% polymycin alternating use 2-3 times.

3. Reasonable application of sufficient amount of base fertilizer, before planting, the application of 100-200 liters of humic organic fertilizer per acre, 50 kg of high concentration compound fertilizer and 0.8 kg of boron fertilizer. (No boron fertilizer, bulbs are prone to hollow, or sprayed on the surface of 10-12 leaves during vigorous growth). Then plow the boundary, using high ridges and double rows, ridges 1.0 meters wide, plant spacing of about 40 cm, 2700-3000 strains per acre. After planting, watering in time.

4. Field Management. Cauliflower likes fertilizer and water. In stages, timely fertilization and watering are the key to the growth and high yield. Fertilizer management needs adequate nutrition throughout the growth process, and the nutritional requirements are higher before germination. The formation of a more adequate nutrient is the key to obtain high yield and improve the pass rate, otherwise the flower ball is loose. The principle of fertilization is "lightly applied seedling fertilizer, suitable for tree fertilizer, clever application of swelling fertilizer."