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How to grow high yield of zucchini seeds

1. Zucchini seed management for 30-35 days, can cultivate 3~4 a true leaf seedlings.

2. Basic fertilizers should be applied before planting. In addition, 3000~5000 acres of high-quality agricultural fertilizer can be applied to stables and sheep dung.

3. After finishing the establishment of 60-65_ Plant Ridge, according to 40-50_ topping plant 2000-2500 strains per acre. Zucchini seeds can also be made into a 1.3-metre wide flat bed, two rows per row.

4. When planting zucchini seeds, wait for the water to seep down, closed, turn the seedlings. The planting temperature is above 13 ℃ and the night temperature is not less than 10 ℃.

5. After the slow seedling, the application of fertilizer (with cake fertilizer 150-200 or 50-60 ternary compound fertilizer), pouring "rapid seedling water", but due to low ground temperature, can not pour too much water. After that, the soil should be planted in a timely manner, without the need for water and fertilizer. After the first melon grows to 10-12, it will be watered. After watering the melon, water it for 1-7 days a day to keep the surface soil moist.

6. Pay attention to water and fertilizer management, zucchini seed seedling stage or female flower initial results of excessive fertilization and moisture easy to prolong, the late period of fertilizer can not keep up with the decline in yield. In addition, excessive early fruit storage can lead to poor growth and affect total production.

7. Artificial pollination should be carried out for precocious and high yields (especially when there is no insect pollination). Every morning at 6-8 o ' clock, male flowers open, peel off the corolla, reveal stamens, on the female flower stigma can be applied several times.