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What are the precautions for the cultivation of zucchini seeds?

The optimum temperature for growth of zucchini seeds is 20-25 °C, the growth rate is lower than 15 °C, and the growth rate is lower than 8 °C. The growth rate is slower than 30 °C, and it is prone to disease. The optimum germination temperature of the seeds of the squash is 25-30 °C, the germination speed is very slow at 13 °C, and the fastest is 30-35 °C, but it is easy to cause elongation. The flowering and firming stages require higher temperatures and are generally best maintained at 22-25 °C. Early maturing varieties have strong resistance to low temperature. The minimum temperature for root growth is 6 ° C and the minimum temperature for root hair is 12 ° C. When the night temperature is 8-10 ° C, the fertilized fruit develops normally.
Zucchini seeds have moist and drought resistance. Especially in the growing season of melon, the soil should be moist to obtain high yield. Virus disease is prone to occur under high temperature and drought conditions, and high temperature and high humidity may also cause powdery mildew. Soil requirements are not critical and can be used to cultivate sand, loam and clay. The Loam soil layer is deep and easy to obtain high yield.
The light intensity of the zucchini seeds is medium, which is better than weak light. However, when the light is insufficient, it tends to cause long-term growth. The photoperiod is a short-day plant. Long daylight conditions favor the growth of stems and leaves.