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Cultivation Steps of zucchini seeds

Zucchini is a kind of vegetable we are familiar with. Bright color, delicious taste, many people like to eat it. Do you know what to pay attention to when choosing zucchini seeds?

We know there are many kinds of pumpkin seeds. We should choose zucchini seeds that are suitable for local planting environments and seasons. Second, we have to go to large-scale seed merchants or agricultural technology stations to buy seeds, so as to facilitate future planting. In addition, we do not recommend the purchase of bulk seeds. When buying seeds, see if the packaging is complete and the information above is complete and correct.

The correct cultivation of zucchini seeds will increase the yield, so it is more important to master the cultivation steps of zucchini seeds, which is an important factor in our future harvest, so how to carry out the seed cultivation steps of zucchini can not be ignored. Here's a few specific steps:

1. Spread the dried zucchini seeds on the paper and bask in the sun before sowing. The viscous seeds are then dispersed into the seeds for backup.

2, will rake flat, back to the sunrise, containing humus, fertile, appropriate size of the seedling soil "bed", and then on the fine soil on a layer (20mm thick), with 5x5mm sieve screen screening.

3, first in the seedbed evenly sprayed with water, and then evenly sprinkle the zucchini seeds on the seedbed, and then support the round bamboo skeleton, covering the plastic film, with stone and soil compaction around the environment.

After 4 or 3-5 days, the seeds germinate. When the embryo leaves grow, they should turn on the plastic film in the morning and afternoon to facilitate the entry of fresh air.

5, when the leaves appear, use spray cans carefully sprayed to allow them to grow healthily.

6, when the soil in the incubator is short of water, should be replenished with sprinklers in a timely manner.