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Beijing Zhongchuang Zhi Feng International seed Industry Co., Ltd. is a breeding research, good breeding, production and processing, sales and service in one of the agricultural high-tech enterprises.

Companies adhering to the "quality of survival, reputation and development, to serve the three farmers for any" business purposes, relying on a wealth of germplasm resources, high-quality talent team, strong scientific research strength, excellent technical services, wholeheartedly for the vast number of farmers to serve.

The company mainly engaged in zucchini, tomatoes, cauliflower, melon, celery, peppers, sweet pepper, cucumber, seed zucchini and other famous varieties. In order to ensure the adaptability of seeds and disease resistance, technical personnel strictly enforce the national seed production standards, layers of control really do "a seed, a commitment." We adapt to product development, wisdom and abundance of people will continue to introduce suitable varieties to meet the needs of market development, and strive to bring higher economic benefits to growers, and strive to make greater contributions to China's agricultural development. Willing to work with a kind of industry colleagues sincere cooperation, create a better seed industry tomorrow!