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How to pick leaves during the growth stage of zucchini seeds

Leaves are the main site for photosynthesis. During growth, if most of the leaves of the zucchini seeds are picked and destroyed, the plants will not be able to perform normal and effective photosynthesis, resulting in reduced yield; but in the growing season, the leaves of the zucchini seeds will be more and more, if not appropriate Picking, because of the high humidity, is easy to invade. Pathogen infection causes disease outbreaks, which affect the growth of zucchini seeds. Therefore, reasonable picking should be carried out.
1. It is best to have several consecutive sunny days when removing the leaves, so that the environment inside the shed is relatively dry and not susceptible to infection. After picking the leaves, the vegetable farmers can spray streptomycin 4000 times solution or Garonong 600 times solution to prevent disease infection in advance.
2. The abstraction of the gourd leaves is determined according to the growth of the gourd plants. The long-term growth can be picked more, and the growth potential can be less picked. In order to avoid the stalks are difficult to heal after injury, it is recommended that the vegetable farmers only go to the leaves without going to the handle.
3. Because the petiole is thick and brittle, the leaves are removed from the base, and the stem is prone to large wounds, which are not easy to heal, and the leaves can be removed all or most, which can cause the petiole to dry out more quickly.
Therefore, the seeds of zucchini should be properly picked during the growth stage to improve ventilation and light transmission. This work is very necessary.