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Shangwen immersion knowledge of zucchini seeds

Zucchini seeds are usually soaked in warm water (30-50 ℃) for a period of time to activate the active enzymes in the seeds to create germination conditions. There are many ways to soak, today is the introduction of Shangwen soaking. What are the precautions when soaking?
Shangwen soak zucchini seeds to constantly stir, so that the seeds evenly heated, at the same time according to the requirements of different water temperature, and constantly add hot water, to ensure that the required temperature within the specified time, can not reduce the water temperature. Soak the container to be clean, water consumption should be moderate, to aquatic just drown seeds is appropriate, soak 4 hours to 5 hours to change water once, soak in the process to clear the floating on the water chaff species.
The concentration and dosage of medicament immersion must be in accordance with the standard requirements, the concentration can not be super high, the dosage can not be increased. After soaking the potion, rinse the seeds with water to remove the pesticides from the seeds, so as not to produce drug damage after sowing, affecting seed germination and seedling growth.
How much temperature of water to soak seeds, soak for how long, but also to see which species of zucchini seeds belong to. If the amount is relatively small, very expensive, you have to be very careful to deal with, uncertain words try not to use high temperature water treatment.