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The first division of Xinjiang Corps Five regiment with zucchini seeds grow happily

Like the five regiment in Xinjiang, there are many fruit farmers in the orchard, there are seed melon, oil anemone, cantaloupe and so on, only seed seeds with zucchini. The first year of trial to let the fruit farmers taste the sweetness, it is expected that the yield per mu can reach 170 kg, each acre of light to sell Zucchini has 2000 yuan of income. Through reasonable planting, not only improve the land utilization rate, but also allow themselves to increase income.
It is understood that seed zucchini fruit is rich in vitamin C, gourd carotene, potassium, phosphorus, etc., is an excellent natural health food, and contains zucchini seed oil, zucchini seed essence and other plant wax, etc., is the ideal raw material for making cosmetics, the market prospects are good.
In recent years, the First Division five regiment firmly promote the implementation of the "Lin Fruit rich" strategy, in the "production, standards, efficiency" at the same time, the development of the forest economy, orchard planting and other preferential policy measures to achieve the three-dimensional income of fruit farmers, improve the comprehensive benefits. By further optimizing the distribution of agricultural production, the driving force of agricultural transformation and upgrading has been continuously enhanced.