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How to choose zucchini seeds

1. Buy to a regular seed sales unit.

At present, zucchini seeds are purchased in many ways, and the seed market is chaotic. Many farmers blindly buy zucchini seeds and are often endangered by shoddy seeds. Therefore, when buying seeds, we must purchase seeds with a complete certificate and a good corporate reputation from a formal seed supply channel. After the purchase of the seed should obtain the formal purchase of seed receipts.

2. Select the varieties that are suitable for the region.

In the purchase of zucchini seeds must pay attention to whether the Vietnamese region, whether through the introduction of species registration, whether it can adapt to the natural conditions of the region (such as climate, soil type, soil quality, etc.), whether it has resistance to pests and diseases.

3. Select a good variety.

Under the same input and cultivation conditions, the yield level of different varieties of zucchini seeds varied greatly, and some could reach more than 30%. Do not think that the variety has not been heard is the new varieties, we must understand the number of registration years and registration channels and production of the application effect, understanding the characteristics of varieties, such as yield, commodity grain length, disease resistance and so on.

4. Tailored to local conditions.

If your plot area is large, you can consider early, middle and late ripening planting collocation. However, the selected variety must be safe and mature. Generally speaking, the activity accumulation temperature of the cultivars is 100~150℃ less than that of the local active accumulation temperature. If the ripening period is too short, one is to cause a waste of accumulated temperature. Second, the yield level is very low, and the third is that the plant is prone to premature aging. If the ripening period is too long zucchini has not been fully mature plants are killed by frost, resulting in a serious decline in quality. If the field water and fertilizer conditions are poor, should choose barren, stable resistance varieties.

5. Selection of the appearance quality of hybrids.

Look at the seed grain type of zucchini. Generally high purity varieties, its grain type difference is not big.

Look at the color of the seeds. Generally speaking, the new seeds are bright and bright, while the colors of the old seeds are dark.

The uniformity and cleanliness of the seeds of zucchini. Qualified pumpkin seeds have the same uniformity, full grain, high weight of hundreds of grains, less pests and diseases, impurity sand, stone grass, crop straw and other crops less, moth-free.