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Planting methods of pumpkin seeds

The cultivation area of pumpkin seeds in the north is relatively large, the rural areas have basically had the experience of pumpkin planting, in the southern region is also a lot of large-scale cultivation, but many young people do not know how to grow pumpkin seeds, the following specific introduction:

First, the choice of pumpkin seeds

1. To choose a good variety of pumpkin seeds, so the seeds are more critical. Choose seeds that grow fast and have good adaptability. After purchase, soak them in warm water, then put them in a 20-25-degree room for germination, and then seedling and sow.

Second, the seedbed structure

The location of the seedbed should be flat, sunny and well obscured. The seedbed width is 1.5~1.6m, and the Arch Shed is 50~60cm. The length of the seedbed should be determined according to the area under cultivation.

Third, the seedling of pumpkin seeds

Pumpkin seeds have many ways to grow seedlings. Many people like to sow the seeds of germination directly onto the seedbed and then transplant them into a nutrition bowl when the seedlings grow to 5 cm to 8 cm. When the seedlings grow to 10 cm to 15 cm, they can also use nursery plates or sow in a nutrition bowl, each with 2 to 3 seeds, or seedlings. When the seedlings grow to 3 cm to 5 cm, pick up the seedlings. When the seedlings grow to 10 cm to 15 cm, they are planted.

Iv. Land Management

Pumpkin seeds are grown in areas where the soil is fertile, the soil is deep, and the soil and water conservation capacity is strong. After the selection is good, 3000-3500 kg of fertilizer should be used for fertilization, and then deep ploughing. The cultivated land is about 30 cm deep and leveled the boundary. If the weather in the planting area changes greatly, plastic film can be used to cover the boundary surface.

V. Planting and seeding of pumpkin seeds

Plants should be conducted from 3 o'clock in the afternoon to 4 or 8 to 9 in the morning. The distance between each plant is 40 cm to 50 cm. After sowing, more watering should be used to help slow the seedlings.

Vi. Liangmiao

The growth of the seedlings was examined 2-3 days after the pumpkin seeds were planted. If the lack of seedlings or broken seedlings, should be timely repair of seedlings, so that the field melon seedlings clean. Watering after the seedlings have been trimmed.