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Sowing of eggplant seeds

Sowing of eggplant seeds

1. Eggplant Seed Treatment:

Before soaking Shang 1-2 days, after soaking with 1% potassium permanganate solution for 30 minutes, fished out to wash clean. Then use the seed volume 5~6 times the 50℃~55℃ warm water soak 10-15 minutes, constantly stir, drop to 30 ℃ when soaking for 8-10 hours, fished out with fine sand rubbing off the surface of the seed mucus, the treatment of the seeds with a damp cloth wrapped, placed in 30 ℃ around the conditions of sprout. Sprout during the day with clean water rinse once, generally 5-7 days can germinate. Sow when more than 70% of the seeds are whitened.

2. Preparation of eggplant seeds before sowing:

With 60% of the fertile soil without growing eggplant vegetables and 40% of the horse dung sheep manure mixed evenly as culture soil, and then each acre added rotting chicken dung 10~15 kg, grass ash 5~18 kg, ammonium 1 kg, 25% polymycin 12. Then do the seedbed, bed width 1.2 meters, each acre shop hotline 80~100 tile, and then spread 10 cm thick nutrient soil on top, watering water for sowing.

3. Eggplant seed Sowing:

Sowing on a sunny morning, the seeds of the sprout are evenly sprinkled on the furrow surface, covered with 1 cm thick nutrient soil, and the posterior cover of the film. Before the seedling daytime temperature to maintain in the 25℃~30℃, night 16℃~20℃, geothermal temperature of 20 ℃ or so, generally 5-6 days can be out of the seedlings, 70% seedlings back to the film.