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Method for cultivating spinach seeds

Spinach is an annual herb of the genus Spinach, which is an important organ of green leaves. It is also known as Persian, Red Root, and Parrot. It is native to Iran and is widely cultivated in various parts of the country. It is one of the important green leafy vegetables.

1. Planting season: The adaptability of spinach seeds is weak, the plants have no strict harvesting scale, and the varieties of the different types are properly matched, basically for the purpose of rowing and planting, and the annual supply. Sexually, it is a cold-tolerant vegetable. It is harvested from August to the beginning of April, and the cold spring is an important season for spinach.

2, zero land for sputum: pick fluffy and fat, keep fire and fertilizer, pre-requisite irrigation and drainage, slightly acidic loam is more awkward. When the land is zero, the organic fertilizer is 4000kg, the superphosphate is 40kg, the zero flat is thick, the winter and spring are suitable for sorghum, the summer and spring are for the flat, and the stern is 1.2-1.5m.

3, harvesting seedlings: spinach with dry seeds harvesting buds slower, in order to promote spinach seeds in advance bud, is harvesting in the past to accept soaking seeds germination, high temperature germination and other means. General acceptance of the rumor. Summer and spring harvest 1 week before sowing, soak the seeds in fire for 12h, put them outside the well or at 4 °C outside the refrigerator or freezer to solve 24h, then raise the germination before 20-25 °C, sprouting through 3-5d After harvesting. Whether dry seeds or wet seeds are broadcast in winter and spring.

4. Field management: After the spinach is harvested, it will emerge from 7 to 15 days. The seedlings develop rapidly, and the weeds should grow up as soon as possible. When the seedling height is 6 to 7 cm, the seedling should be kept, and the plant spacing should be 6-8 cm per plant. Spinach topdressing should grasp the heat of the day should be thin, the weather should be light; the later stage should be thin, the latter should be light. Wintering spinach should be applied to the fertilizer before spring warming to avoid late bolting.

5. Pest Control: The important diseases in the development of spinach include downy mildew and anthrax; insects have aphids and rapeseeds. Control method: downy mildew with 687.5g / liter of fluoride fungus suspension agent 500 ~ 800 times liquid, or 80% enoyl morpholine fire granules 1500 ~ 2000 times liquid spray. Anthracnose is sprayed with 250g/liter of azoxystrobin suspension 1200-2000 times. The aphids are sprayed with a cytotoxic granule of 40% acetamiprid 5,000-6000 times. The rapeseed meal is sprayed with 50g/liter of uranyl emulsifiable concentrate 1000~1500 times.

6. Harvesting: Spinach is a kind of green leafy vegetable that has been harvested repeatedly. It asks for “roughly picking up and picking up the average, and picking the average between each time.” Each time you harvest, you should pick big and stay small, and stay dense and thin, so that the spinach line spacing is high. On average, it is appropriate to make it more promising, to develop a divergence, to develop differences, and to extend the supply period.

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