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How to do celery seed seedling is slow and seedling rate is low

Celery seed seedling is slow, the seedling rate is low, and the management relationship is relatively large, to know that the market harvest or purchase of celery seeds is actually its fruit, and the real seeds in the fruit, the seeds are small, the surface has a layer of oil, this layer of oil on the seed germination is unfavorable, will lead to poor water absorption capacity of celery seeds, And the seed germination needs water and temperature is the basic factor, this is also the celery seed seedling is slow, the seedling rate is low important reason.

Celery seeds are slow to seedling, and the low seedling rate is also related to temperature. We should know that celery is a cold vegetable. The suitable growth temperature is 15~18℃, and the suitable seed germination temperature is 15~20度. The higher the temperature, the slower the germination rate, or even does not germinate. In the face of temperature problems, vegetable farmers have their own solution, that is, at home to open the old manhole cover, celery seeds placed in the bucket at the bottom of the well, which is very conducive to seed germination, usually takes about 5 days.

Another way is to put celery seeds in the fridge. It should be noted that before placing the seeds, the seeds are packed in a wet cloth bag, poured water once a day, loaded in the seeds, and sown in time after the seeds come out with small white buds.