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The effective term of use of Chinese cabbage seeds

Chinese cabbage seeds stored for a long time will not germinate again, that is, the failure, then the effective use of Chinese cabbage seeds is how long?

The effective period of Chinese cabbage seed storage is within 2 years, the seeds harvested in that year can be sown directly that year, and the 2nd year can still be planted. For more than 2 years of seeds, the seedling rate after sowing should be reduced by about 20%, and it is highly susceptible to disease. The longer the storage time, the lower the seedling rate, the worse the ability to fight disease. Moreover, the storage of cabbage seeds must be stored in a cool and dry place, do not use water cylinders, iron barrels and other impermeable containers to store, so as not to cover the seeds and affect the seedling rate. Glossy bright for the new seed, dim for the seeds of Chen.

Therefore, here also remind everyone, in the purchase of cabbage seeds should also pay attention to the choice, so as to ensure that the choice of good

Cabbage seeds, rather than old seeds with very low germination rate.