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Autumn planting of cauliflower seeds

Cauliflower seeds are cultivated in autumn, the early stage is high temperature season, selection should be cautious, we must choose the seedling heat of the cauliflower seed varieties.

After selecting the selection, all we need to do is sow and seedling, some people may feel that since the cauliflower seeds are the most important, then directly planted is not good. I'm telling you, no! In fact, every step of plant growth is very important, every link can not have omissions.

The first is the choice of sowing time, sowing time is not dead, will be because of the variety of cauliflower seeds, regions and annual climate changes, so when you choose a variety, be sure to say hello to your area when sowing the best. Sowing prematurely, high temperature, prone to tall seedlings, burning seedlings and other phenomena, water loss is faster, and there are pests and diseases occur, not easy to manage, it is recommended not to rob early sowing.

The second is the seedbed preparation: The seedbed should choose high terrain, good ventilation, can fill the row, delicate and smooth plot. After harvesting, the former crop clears weeds and underground pests early, ploughing the tanning field.

At present, seedling seedlings generally choose acupoint plate seedling, easy to manage, can effectively reduce the soil transmission disease in seedling stage, is conducive to the cultivation of seedlings.

It is still important to fully disinfect the substrate before sowing, which can reduce the occurrence of seedling disease in cauliflower seeds. At the same time keep the matrix hydrated enough (grab the substrate, gently grip, there is water dripping under appropriate), to ensure that the seeds need to germinate.

To give you a few more words of the shed, sowing season sunshine strong, often encountered showers or torrential rain, in order to prevent high-temperature roast seedlings and rainwater scour, need to planks shade rain shed. Conditional use of large shed plus sunshade mesh cover seedling effect is better.