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Planting method of pumpkin seeds in autumn

Here's a look at how pumpkin seeds are grown in autumn:

1. Soil selection of pumpkin seeds,

Pumpkin is a kind of warm and drought-tolerant Part. It does not require strict soil, but it is good to use fertile, neutral or slightly acidic sandy loam.

2. Sowing and seedling

Autumn pumpkins from mid-July to the beginning of August sowing, seedling method is to use nutrition bowl as well. The root of the embryo is covered down by 1-1.5 cm thick fine soil and then covered with a layer of straw or weeds.

3. Land consolidation in front of pumpkin seeds

Before planting, the application of rotten agricultural fertilizer or potassium sulfate compound fertilizer, deep ploughing fine rake, after 5 o'clock in the afternoon or cloudy day sowing. After sowing, watering and pouring through.

4, on-site management

When pumpkins grow 3-4 true leaves, measures need to be taken to inhibit the growth of the main stem, so that flower buds differentiation, improve the quality of pollen fertilization. In the period of young fruit and fruit expansion, the development of pumpkin was taken to make the growth period of pumpkin non-flowering, not cracking, not deformed.

Pumpkin seeds can not be planted directly, before sowing, need to undergo germination treatment can be planted, which we need to note that the above autumn pumpkin planting methods can be used as a reference.