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Requirements for soil of pepper seed sowing

Pepper seed sowing is generally spring sowing or autumn sowing, summer can also be but not recommended. Before sowing, make the soil completely moist, rest for 30-60 minutes, and then sprinkle the seeds on top of the soil, preferably 1-2 cm between the middle intervals. After sprinkling the seeds, cover a thin layer of soil and pour in the right amount of water.

Pepper likes fertile loose and well-drained micro-acidic soil, neutral soil can also be. Mix the prepared soil with the right amount of organic fertilizer and load it into a convenient moving basin, the basin is required to have a drain, and before the installation should be paved with a layer of pebbles, convenient drainage.

Here warm tips: if it is more than 32 degrees Celsius of high temperature on chili peppers will cause great damage, so when the ambient temperature around 30 should be appropriate shade of chili peppers.