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The soaking method of pepper seeds

Below, the specific introduction of two kinds of pepper seeds soaking method, together to understand:

1. Soak pepper seeds in clean water.

Soak the seeds in clean water at room temperature, use well wells better, water temperature can be adjusted to 20-30 ℃. After the seeds are placed in water, remove the withered seeds and peels that float on the surface of the water, and then soak them in water.

Soaking water and tools should be clean and not greasy, otherwise it will affect the breathing of the seeds. When soaking seeds, the amount of water should not be too much. The seeds are soaked in water, and the surface of the water is slightly higher than the seeds. When the seed absorbs enough water, soak the work to the end, then repeat the scrub, remove the mucus outside the seed skin, rinse with water. Pepper seed soaking time is 8-12 hours, soaking time is related to water temperature, in the standard range, with the increase of temperature, pepper seed water absorption speed also accelerated.

After drying, the hand touch dry non-stick hand, pepper seed particles have a clear distance, do not stick.

2, hot water soaking pepper seeds:

Before soaking in hot water, soak in normal temperature water for 15 minutes, so that the seed on the pathogen to start, so that it is easy to burn out. The seed is then ironed for 15 minutes in 55-60 ℃ of hot water, 5-6 times the volume of the seed. In the ironing process, the water should be heated in time, so that the seeds evenly heated, and constantly stirring, until the water temperature drops to about 30 degrees Celsius, stirring can be stopped, or after reaching the hot seed time, the pepper seeds can be transferred to 30 degrees Celsius in warm water soaked for 4 hours. The thermometer should be placed in hot water to measure the water temperature so that it can be adjusted as needed.

When the number of seeds is small, the seeds can be loaded into the gauze bag, and then the seeds will be immersed in the water with gauze bags during the ironing process. After reaching the specified time, the seeds can be transferred to warm water relatively quickly under 30 ℃ for further soaking. When the number of seeds is large, gauze bags can be replaced by fine hole basket.