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Essentials of cucumber seed seeding technology

A certain amount of treatment is required before sowing cucumber seeds. These treatments can not only improve the seedling rate of seeds, but also help the growth of cucumber in the later stage. So what do cucumber seeds need to prepare before sowing?
In order to avoid cucumber seed bacteria, shangwen soaking method is commonly used to treat seeds. The soaking time is shortened with the increase of soaking temperature, the suction time at 35 ℃ is about 10 hours, the 25―30℃ time is about 12 hours, the 15―20℃ takes about 18 hours, and 10 ℃ takes about 24 hours. After soaking in the 25―30℃ conditions of the sprout, waiting for most of the seeds whitened can be sown. The results of the comprehensive multiplayer study showed that the seedling rate of seeds under low temperature (9―13℃) was significantly improved by soaking 3―4 days with 3% potassium nitrate and 3% phosphoric acid two potassium hydroxide 1:1 mixture under 10 ℃ dark conditions (100% and 90%, respectively). Peg (polyethylene glycol) osmotic regulation Treatment (250 g/L PEG Solution Treatment 12 hours), dry heat treatment (75 ℃ treatment 24 hours), pre-suction expansion treatment (15 ℃ pre-suction expansion treatment 26 hours), can improve seed vitality. 2% concentration of allicin significantly promoted the elongation of embryonic roots in cucumber seeds.
In order to improve the cold resistance of cucumber, speed up seedling, enhance the ability of seedlings to adapt to low, the germ low temperature exercise can be carried out. The specific method is to wrap the freshly broken mouth seeds in cloth for 12 hours at -1―-2℃ low temperature, and then place them under 18―22℃ conditions for 12 hours, so that they are processed repeatedly for several days. Low temperature can control the length of the buds, save nutrient consumption, so that the colloidal properties of protoplasm change; High temperature promotes decomposition and maintains seed vitality. During the exercise, the seeds should be kept moist, when the seeds are put back to the high temperature to thaw the seeds to open the cloth bag to view the seeds, cucumber seeds can exercise 2―3 times. In addition, some other seed treatment such as natural dehydration treatment, drought exercise, seedling spraying exogenous abscisic acid can improve the ability of cucumber to withstand low temperature.