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What do bitter gourd seeds need to do before sowing?

Want bitter gourd seeds high yield, how do we need to deal with bitter gourd seeds in advance?

1, the first need to do the work is high-yielding bitter melon seeds of water soaking work, generally different soaking time on the germination of bitter melon seeds have a certain impact, generally with the extension of soaking time, seed germination force (germination potential and germination rate) gradually increased, 12 hours to achieve a relatively good effect, more than 12 hours, germination force showed a downward trend. It can be seen that the seed soaking time of bitter gourd is more suitable at room temperature 12 hours.

2, the use of Gibberellin soaking: the use of gibberellin soaking can significantly improve the germination potential and germination rate of bitter melon seeds, in which 40mg/kg concentration treatment effect is better. Gibberellin is a kind of germination stimulating substance, which can promote the synthesis of auxin, improve the activity and metabolic activity of seed enzyme (such as amylase), promote cell division and enlargement, but the low level of gibberellin has the effect of inhibiting male flowers, so the treatment of melon seeds pay attention to mastering the concentration of use.

3, second, we also need to control the temperature of soaking, the use of warm water soaking seeds before sowing with about 55 ℃ of warm water, natural cooling after continuing to soak for 12 hours, conducive to seed water absorption, easy to expand. Because in 55 ℃ of warm water dipping for 15 seconds can basically attach to the surface of bitter melon seeds of the pathogen burned to death, can improve the permeability of seed skin, the method is simple to use, suitable for the production of large quantities of seed treatment.