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Tomato seed planting will have a new "face" appear?

1,Tomato seedsIncrease the large-scale operation of the shed, mechanization;

Why should the state make such a great effort to carry out agricultural reform? The aim is to accelerate the modernization of agriculture, and in the process of transforming from traditional agriculture to modern agriculture, scale agriculture is the only way, in the process of promoting scale agriculture in the country, the large-scale economic organization with stronger capacity to grow tomato seed planting shed) will be vigorously nurtured, Through large-scale operation to improve farmers ' income increase will become the main theme!

2, the construction of wisdom shed, participate in agricultural big data construction.

The decentralized operation and production mode of the existing shed makes it more urgent than ever for the participants in the market competition to rely on the information. In order to truly meet the market demand and achieve sustainable development, the "service" of big data is needed for the production of the shed.

Set up the Greenhouse Intelligent Integrated Information Service platform ' cloud Platform ' + ' intelligent terminal ' as the main carrier, all parties organic combination, interconnection, through the provinces and counties rural households of the shed production, sales and other information services channels.

Big shed Big data includes shed environment and resources, shed production, market and management areas, this platform is a highly "intelligent mining" and a high degree of "fool Application" Integrated shed intelligent integrated information platform, will realize the shed information services from the prenatal, middle and postpartum "one-stop" information services and the whole process of guidance. Prenatal can be predicted according to historical needs, dynamic monitoring in production, after the delivery of price market information and market trend forecast.