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Do you know anything about pepper seeds?

  Pepper seedsI believe that we are not strangers, generally home fried vegetables will use this chili as a matching dish, but also suitable for raw food, like raw people, chili peppers must be in the list industry, then what do you know about chili seeds? Take you all together today to find out about the relevant information.

First, the ridge planting

When planting, the use of ridge implantation, starting ridge planting Ridge should not be high, to prevent the high temperature on the ridge affect the growth of chili peppers, small ridges more suitable (height of 5~8 cm), which can prevent the appearance of retting root dead tree after watering, improve the survival rate of chili peppers.

Second, the first fixed and then poured

Pepper before planting if watering and then planting is easy to put the soil and into a mud, so that the soil after drying easy to knot, poor breathability, easy to appear dead tree. In this regard, it is recommended to first implant and then watering.

Third, shading cooling

After planting the pepper, the daytime temperature in the shed should be controlled at 32 ℃ and the night controlled at 18 ℃. But at present, if you do not take shading cooling measures, the temperature in the shed will be as high as 40 ℃, not suitable for pepper growth, prone to seedlings by strong light burns and other problems. Therefore, it is recommended to use shading mesh to cool down.

Iv. prevention and treatment of root diseases

The root diseases that lead to the dead trees of chili peppers are mainly capsicum blight, root rot, blight and so on. Root disease is a devastating disease of chili Peppers, once the onset of death is serious, it is difficult to control. For these diseases, it is still necessary to prevent the main. The root disease of chili peppers can be effectively prevention and treatment of 1 kilograms of mixed soil per acre before planting, scattered in the planting ditch and mixed with the soil evenly.

V. Anti-retting Root

Retting root of the dead tree is mainly a one-time watering too large and rainwater shed after the cause. Generally speaking, pepper pouring foot water, slow seedling is generally no longer watering, so as not to cause excessive soil moisture, causing root disease, the emergence of dead tree phenomenon. Therefore, if the pepper is planted, the soil is particularly dry need to be watered, be sure to pour small water in the early morning or evening.

Vi. rain-proof filling Shed

Pepper root system is weak, to prevent rainwater filling shed. Before the heavy rain, the shed air mouth closed, especially in front of the shed, even if the light rain is best to close, to avoid rain into the shed, resulting in pepper dead tree. If the protection is not appropriate, after the rainwater shed, the rainwater should be discharged out of the shed in time, poured over with water, combined with a hoe to increase the permeability of the soil, while preventing root diseases from occurring.