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How to buy high quality zucchini seeds

  Zucchini SeedsSelection is critical for later planting and germination rate, and what should we do when choosing a product? Only every step can be handled according to the correct method, in order to make the fruit grains delicious, then we simply to understand.

1, must not buy three no products. In the packaging must have a trademark, factory name and manufacturer's address and contact details, with a better URL, the main is the trademark, the purchase of well-known trademarks of Zucchini Seeds.

2, a detailed view of the quality of the description.

1), packaging must have the variety of the description, diagram and planting instructions, indicating to include planting time, temperature, humidity, climate and precautions and other content;

2), most zucchini seeds do not mark the quality of the product implementation standards, the purchase should be prudent. The quality standard is divided into three levels, is the ISO9000 standard, followed by the national Standard and the ministry standard, the difference is the local standards and the institute standards.

3), must have the production date and shelf life, and to be clearly visible, the general planting time within two years

3, every time after the purchase of zucchini seeds, make a statistic, that trademark of good seeds, that shop credit good, after a long-term purchase, otherwise it is necessary to find another way to buy.

In the purchase of zucchini seeds, we can not sloppy, for its quality we must strictly check, absolutely can not appear inferior seeds this problem, or a year of harvest and efforts are not in vain.