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Cultivation techniques of bitter melon seeds

Bitter gourd is a cultivated species in the genus Balsam gourd, an annual climbing herb. Bitter gourd happy warm, heat-resistant and not hardy. Seed germination suitable temperature of 30-35 ℃, temperature becomes lower, germination will be slow. The temperature of plant growth was 20-30 ℃, and 25 ℃ was preferred. The requirement of sunshine length is not strict, and the flowering period needs strong illumination, which is beneficial to photosynthesis and the increase of fruit rate. Bitter gourd is not resistant to waterlogging, the soil adaptability is wide, but to protect the water to keep fertilizer good, fertile soil is appropriate.

First, variety selection

Selection of disease-resistant, high-quality, rich, resistant to transport, good commodity, adapt to market demand of light green or white greenBitter melon seeds

Second, seedling

1, sowing period: bitter gourd 12-9 months can be sown, all localities should be selected according to their respective cultivation system sowing period, in order to cultivate the age of seedlings.

2, Seed treatment: first put the seeds into the normal temperature water soak 15 minutes after the removal, and then put in 55 ℃ constant temperature water constantly stirring for 10 minutes, natural cooling soaking 6-8h.

3, Sprout: wrapped in gauze, in 30 ℃ or so temperature moisturizing sprout, such as most of the seeds can be sown after whitened.

Iii. implantation

1, fertilization: mainly according to soil fertility, the general MU application of completely rotten organic fertilizer 5000kg, ternary compound fertilizer 20kg, trichlorosine 30kg.

2, the whole land: fertilizer evenly sprinkled in the field after the deep ploughing, the ground leveling, and then according to the cultivation density of the furrow, the furrow surface to be flat and fine, the field block four weeks to open a good drainage deep ditch.

Iv. Field Management

1, plant adjustment: When the melon seedlings grow to about 60cm, timely rack, commonly used to have a recognition frame, row frame and scaffolding. In the early stage of the climb, artificial ties can be made 1-2 times to fuse the shelves. Remove the lateral vine before flowering, and let the lateral vine grow at any. In the middle and late stage of growth should be appropriate branching, timely removal of old leaves, yellow leaves and sick leaves, in order to facilitate ventilation and light transmission, enhance photosynthesis, prevent plant premature aging, prolong the harvest period.

2, water and fertilizer management: bitter gourd fertilizer resistance is not barren, adequate fertilizer is the basic guarantee of high yield. Growth process, can be used a variety of farm organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, each harvest 2-3 times to apply. Bitter gourd root system is weak, general implantation, can be appropriate irrigation to promote survival. The root system of flowering period has strong absorptive capacity, large water demand, it is advisable to maintain soil moisture. Heavy rain area and high groundwater level of the plot should pay attention to drainage, to prevent the pathogenesis of plants.