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How to grow nematode resistant tomato seeds

The nematode-resistant tomato seed is a kind of tomato seed. Nowadays, with the improvement of the improvement technology, we have seen more and more new products gradually being printed into our eyes. Then we need everyone to know the product correctly. And it takes a lot of work to plant. Correct planting can prevent or reduce the occurrence of diseases and reduce the use of drugs and phytotoxics. How is this step carried out?

1. The seeds of the nematode-resistant tomatoes that have been dried on the paper are placed in the sun for a day before planting (eliminating germs and viruses, increasing the germination rate), and then the seeds that have been stuck into pieces are dispersed into pellets for use.

2. Turn the leeward and radiant sun, and fill the "bed" of the seedling soil with suitable humus and fertile size, and then lay a layer (20 mm thick) on the fine soil sieved by 5X5 mm mesh.

3. Spray the clear water evenly on the nursery bed, then spread the nematode resistant tomato seeds evenly on the nursery bed, then support the round bamboo skeleton, cover the plastic film, and compact the surrounding with stones and soil (moisturizing) Insulation).

4. After 3-5 days (temperature factor), the seeds will germinate. When the embryo leaves grow, they should open a plastic film in the afternoon and afternoon to change them to fresh air.

5, when the real leaves appear, they should be sprayed with a watering can carefully spray a light manure and water fertilizer to promote long.

6. When the soil in the culture bed of nematode-resistant tomato seeds is dehydrated, it should be replenished with a watering can in time.