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Cultivation techniques of cucumber seed seedlings in large shed without thorn fruit

Build a high-quality winter warm shed and take a variety of measures to raise the temperature. The shed structure is firm, the lighting, the insulation performance is good, is the fruitCucumber seedsThe guarantee of wintering. When constructed, the lower 1.2―1.5 rice is used, the top of the rear wall is up to 2 meters wide, and the thickness of the rear roof is not less than 30 cm.

First, variety selection winter warm shed wintering stubble fruit cucumber seed planting varieties require low temperature and weak light, good root melon joints, melon strips in the lower temperature conditions of rapid growth and so on.

Second, grafting seedlings, cultivation of seedlings

1, sowing period: rootstock varieties selected pumpkin South Anvil 1th, suitable sowing period for late August, cucumber than rootstock 3 days ahead of sowing.

2, grafting time: About 25 days after sowing.

3, grafting method: The use of the method or cleavage method.

4, after grafting management: (1) Moisturizing: Grafting rear frame small arch shed, 2―3 days to cover tight, can not ventilate, maintain a certain humidity. (2) temperature control: Cucumber Interface Healing suitable temperature of 25 ℃, not more than 30 ℃. (3) Ventilation: Grafting 3―5 after the start of ventilation, initial ventilation to be small, gradually increase later, generally 9―10 days to carry out large ventilation.

Iii. implantation

Choose a sunny day in the afternoon light weak implantation, with the resurrection Root and other agents to prevent root diseases. Plant two lines per furrow. Average line spacing 65 cm, topping 33 cm, density 3100―3200 strain. Pour water slowly in time.

Iv. Management after implantation

1, temperature management: Planting to the hair tree. To promote root mainly, daytime 25―30℃, Night is not less than 15 ℃, slow seedling after ventilation cooling. After the winter cold season, with the weather changes, the temperature is controlled at the lower limit of the appropriate temperature. After late February, the temperature gradually recovered, cucumbers into the melon heyday, the day does not exceed 30 ℃, night 12―14℃.

2, fertilizer management: cucumber long to root melon harvest after the combination of watering began to fertilizer. Fertilizer is mainly nitrogen and potassium, the appropriate application of phosphate fertilizer and a variety of micro-fertilizer. In the watering management, from the planting to the deep winter season, to control the main, the temperature recovery in late February, cucumber water demand gradually increased, can appropriately increase the amount of watering, and after watering to strengthen ventilation and dehumidification.


1, pest control: Aphids with Schieling smoked shed or aphids net drug control, white planthopper can be used yellow plate trapping, or with a sweep of light and other agents.

2, disease prevention and control: Downy mildew interval 5―7 days with 50% of the true bacterial Ling wetting powder 600―800 fluid and 80% more than Le Frost wetting powder 1200―1800 times to prevent cucumber bacterial keratin and downy mildew. Powdery mildew was used to prevent and cure the wet powder with 60% of the world's melon powder.