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Coloring method of zucchini seeds

DoZucchini SeedsColoring measures can make the formation of a protective layer with certain functions and cladding strength, promote growth, and mature in the appearance of a certain degree of excellence. Therefore, how to take effective measures to help its coloring uniformity has become a concern of many vegetable farmers. So next we will briefly introduce the relevant knowledge about coloring.

1, the light should be sufficient. Timely removal of dust and pollutants on the shed film, to ensure adequate lighting conditions, promote fruit coloring, after the grass Tomakomai, to try to early cover the grass Tomakomai, in order to increase the light time of zucchini seeds, if necessary, through the timely removal of excess branches, old leaves, sick leaves, residual leaves and in the back wall hanging reflective curtain and other measures, In order to increase the light time of the fruit in the shed, promote fruit coloring.

2, the temperature control is good. The coloring period of zucchini seeds is too high or too low, which will affect the formation of pigment. So give it the proper planting temperature.

3, water and fertilizer supply to balance. Unreasonable application of fertilizer will seriously affect the color of zucchini seeds, such as: too much nitrogen, plant growth is too strong, at this time if the lack of water will occur green shoulder fruit, nitrogen deficiency will lead to yellowing of the fruit shoulder, potassium deficiency, the fruit shoulder appears yellowish green, fruit heart vascular bundle Woody, boron deficiency, fruit shoulder residual green and necrosis spot. Prevention and treatment measures: timely replenishment of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizer materials, acres with borax a kilo to supplement boron fertilizer, at this stage, fine weather, depending on the soil moisture, the interval of 10 days to pour water once can be.

In addition, each spike of zucchini seeds into the expansion period should be timely fertilizer, can be fully nutritious full-water-soluble fertilizer for the application, acres with 10-15 Jin comprehensive supplementary nutrition, to avoid the imbalance of nutrient supply caused by poor fruit coloring situation occurred.